Trinitario cacao beans and nibs from our cooperative smallholder farmer partners in Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines. Mindanao with its ideal tropical climate being close to the equator, even rainfall year round, and mix of clay and loamy volcanic soil, provides an amazing terroir.
The cacao beans have a clean, mild flavor with notes of banana and other endemic flora and fauna. The Trinitario bean variety, which less than 10% of the world's chocolate comes from, also has a relatively high cocoa butter content. The coop has 200 smallholder farmers with 1-2H farms each, most of whom multi-crop with bananas and coconuts.


The Philippines was the first country to receive cacao outside of the New World when the Spanish brought it there from the Soconusco region of Mexico in the 1600’s (both were Spanish colonies). The Aztecs regarded the cacao from Soconusco as the most prized.
More recently, USAID funding has provided the revitalization of the cacao industry in the Philippines by providing funding for training and inputs such as seedlings to smallholder farmers in the Davao region since 2008. The growers underwent a five-month intensive hands-on training on cacao production.



After consolidating wet cacao beans from the local growers, our farmer group ferments, drys and processes the beans in its post-harvest facilities. Fermentation takes about 5 days in partitioned bins covered with banana leaves, followed by another 5 days of solar drying on raised tables.


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