Justin, co-founder Social Products (in sunglasses) with the LABIDYFO (Lankong Biodynamic Farmers Organization) Association, the top farmers of our cooperative partner in the barangay (small town) of Lankong, North Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines.


Social Products sources organic food products from Philippine cooperative smallholder farmer partners that empower rural farmers, women, and indigenous peoples with a more sustainable way to eradicate poverty. We connect farmers with conscious foodies who want healthy, tasty, and superior quality products that are ethically sourced. My cousin Kris (with a 'K') and myself Justin, are the team behind Social Products.  As 2nd generation Filipino Americans, we wanted to do what we can here in the U.S. to help address poverty in the Philippines, a beautiful country and people, but where over ⅓ of the population is in poverty (over 30 million people!). 
The majority of Filipinos in poverty live in rural areas where farming and agriculture are the main form of livelihood. Farmer poverty is primarily due to unjust and broken finance/market structures, where the 1-2H cash-strapped farmer has to rely on the local financier who's usually also the input supplier, as well as the trader/middleman. Additionally there's a challenge with the farmer poverty mindset; their beliefs, attitudes, and values.
And of the 30,000 estimated social enterprises in the country, a large majority of them are farmer-owned cooperatives engaged in sustainable agriculture and profit sharing. Which is why we created Social Products, a platform and catalyst to empower Filipino smallholder farmers through sustainable agriculture and natural foods, by providing them a premium for their crops, access to markets here in the U.S., and connecting them to conscious foodies like you.


(Sustainable Agriculture Model derived from Lifebank Foundation’s Smart Agriculture Program)


Why are we called Social Products? Because our first venture was Social Project.PH, a crowdfunding for social good projects in the Philippines. We also {Heart} Social Enterprises and only source from cooperative farmers, where the farmers own the land that they plant and harvest. We believe the future of business are companies that not only factor Profit, but also People and the Planet, a triple bottom line. We believe in the power of business to do good, made with Love from the Philippines. 


In a fitting coincidence, or quite possibly our destiny, our 100 year old grandmother, Lola Ester, whom we call Nanay (mother in Filipino) was a rice trader in our parents home province of Calaguiman, Bataan. She was able to support local farmers, send her kids to college and protect them during WWII; saving the family during a difficult time. She's a strong Pinay matriarch and woman. So coming full circle, as children of Filipino American immigrants, we are proud and honored to be sharing our black rice to other like-minded foodies here in Los Angeles, and later across the United States.
Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.
-Justin & Kris Garrido, co-founders Social Products







Our Nanay Esther, still going strong at 98 years old.


Justin with the freshest biodynamic coconut juice and our farmer partners:
Sir Mario, Tita Cristina, and Sir Nono, the awesome GM of our co-op partner.


  Happy biodynamic cows (he only looks terrified, we promise!) offer some
amazing yogurt drink on the biodynamic farm eco-system.



We start them young in our family: Our 2 1/2 year old niece (center with flowery dress) 
with her homies visiting Wally's Farm, a small all-natural & organic farm in Oahu, Hawaii.





Justin is a social entrepreneur passionate about collaborating with others to address some of the world's greatest challenges through social enterprise, technology, and sustainable agriculture. He previously founded a crowdfunding for social good platform in the Philippines - SocialProjectPH. Growing up Justin was a 'Navy Brat,' living in military bases from Cuba to Italy, before his father retired and their family settled in Fort Meade, MD. In his prior life he worked as a purchasing director and district manager for Aldi Foods, one of the world's top 10 largest retailers. He completed his MBA in Australia and the Philippines, the latter is where he found his calling for the intersection of business + social good in communities and farms across the Philippines. Outside of work Justin loves outdoor activities, traveling, and eating good food with family & friends.



Through integrity, hard work, and creative passion, Kris works to build strong relationships with all partners in the supply chain to connect farmer partners and organic foods from the Philippines to US conscious consumers. Kris has always had a passion for sales and relationship building, from first selling cards and candy in his neighborhood at age 12, to building a successful career in real estate. Kris also runs his own real estate company in Orange County, CA, in addition to his work with Social Products. Kris grew up in the Los Angeles area and is devoted to his family, his beautiful wife, 2 dogs (Boxer and French Bulldog), and God. He is an athlete by nature, and loves to play and watch Basketball any moment he is free. He has been a baller since the age of 3, and has played for different leagues ever since. During the week he loves to take his 2 dogs for a hike or run, as he feels this is one of the ways he provides balance in his everyday life. A few words to describe Kris Garrido are love, integrity, and passion for life.