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Kitchen Kwento | Sharing the Harvest: A Conversation with Justin Garrido

Thank you Chef and Eco-advocate Aileen Suzara and Kitchen Kwento for the thoughtful questions and sharing on your blog what we're doing with our Social Products Mindanao Heirloom Rice from biodynamic small scale farmers in the Philippines.  

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The Asian Journal: Why Mindanao's Black Rice is the Next Superfood

Thank you to the Asian Journal for the two page feature sharing why our Mindanao Black Rice is so special, and Why we exist as a social enterprise. Now available only in select natural gourmet locations in Los Angeles for our soft launch (not yet on our website). Deliveries are ongoing, but you can find it today at Urban Radish in Arts District & Monsieur Marcel Gourmet Market and Restaurants in the Original Farmers Market. Social Products Black Rice will be available in more locations in the coming week!

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