A long grain, nutty flavored, organic heirloom black rice, we truly believe it's the Best Black Rice in the World. Our Mindanao black rice is an heirloom grain called 'Korokan' originally from the mountain tribes in Antipas, North Cotabato. Sourced directly from small cooperative farmers from the lush agri-tropical lands in Cotabato, Mindanao; considered the food basket of the Philippines.  Our farmers use BIODYNAMIC farming, a deeper and more holistic form of organic farming that treats the farms as one organism and the farmers sow, plant, and harvest according to the Sun, Moon and planets, creating amazing soil; and thus rice. After harvest and semi-milling, the rice is placed in a hermetic cocoon bag where CO2 naturally is built up, which then removes moisture and eliminates any rice bugs. Afterwards the rice is vacuum-packed sealed ready to be shipped, ensuring optimal freshness and quality for our customers everytime.
Black rice is hailed as a SUPERFOOD because of its many health benefits, such as being high in fiber and rich in nutrients & minerals such as Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium. Black rice is chock full of protein and low in carbs, more so than any other rice, so it provides a steady release of energy. It’s also rich in a type of antioxidant called anthocyanins, similar to blueberries and acai; however, black rice has the HIGHEST concentration of the three. (Source: CNN Health: "Is Black Rice the New Brown?").
Appealing to all of the senses, this delicious aromatic grain is a great compliment to any meal.



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You can also find our Social Products Mindanao Black Rice at these fine Southern California natural specialty stores and restaurants:


EREWHON MARKET | 7660 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 
EREWHON MARKET | 26767 Agoura Rd, Calabasas, CA 


MONSIEUR MARCEL STORE and CAFE |  6333 W. 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA  (Original Farmers Market)

URBAN RADISH STORE | 661 Imperial St, Los Angeles, CA (Arts District)

RAINBOW ACRES STORE | 13208 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (Culver City)


RICE BAR RESTAURANT | 419 W. 7th St, Los Angeles, CA (DTLA)


AU LAC RESTAURANT | 710 West 1st St, Los Angeles, CA (DTLA)
AU LAC RESTAURANT | 16563 Brookhurst St, Fountain Valley, CA


WANDERLUST HOLLYWOOD CAFE | 1357 N. Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA


TENDER GREENS RESTAURANT | 6290 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA
TENDER GREENS RESTAURANT | 325 N. San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA
TENDER GREENS RESTAURANT | 530 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine, CA
TENDER GREENS RESTAURANT | University Center 4237 Campus Drive, Suite B165 Irvine, CA (UCI)




**Check back for more added locations in the Southern California area!**











      Our Mindanao black rice is sourced from our cooperative smallholder farmer partners in North Cotabato, considered the food basket of the Philippines. Our organic black rice is biodynamically grown, a deeper and more holistic way of organic farming where the farm is seen as one organism, and looks at not just the land, but also the animal's well-being and the farmer’s prosperity.  In the self-sustained farm, a pond is used to filter the water in the buffer zones around the farm, and land is set aside for reforestation.  The farmers sowing, planting, and harvesting are done in coordination with the Sun, Moon, and planets. Each farm thus has its own unique character and qualities. This holistic care for Mother Earth produces soil and thus food with extraordinary flavor and nutrition.


      Social Products sources organic food products from Philippine cooperative smallholder farmer partners that empower rural farmers, women, and indigenous peoples with a more sustainable way to eradicate poverty. We connect social enterprises with conscious foodies who want healthy, tasty, and superior quality products that are ethically sourced. Asides from buying at an above fair trade price from the farmers, we also give back 5% of our profits for social projects such as technical training to convert more farmers to go organic.  Each box sold, covers three hours of a six month organic technical training program for a new farmer.


      Join us in Empowering Filipino Farmers.